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Recent Past events:

February 28th, 2015: Orthodox Judaism: The Next Generation

April 26, 2015: Behind the Headlines

November 7, 2015: Orthodox Jewish Responses to the Rise of Pre-WWII Nazism

December 5, 2015: Nuclear Iran

January 9, 2016: Israel's Future: Making Israel an American Issue (AIPAC)

January 30, 2016: Torah Education for All CHildren

February 27th, 2016: the Prime Ministers Part II

November 19, 2016: Business Ethics an Oxymoron

December 10, 2016: You Shall Not Veer From What They Tell You, Right or Left: Understanding Rabbinic Power and Influence

February 4, 2017: Modern Orthodoxy on the Brink: Can We Hold our Community Together?

March 4, 2017: Terror in Black September

December 9, 2017: Are We One Jewish People?

March 3, 2018: The Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

November 17, 2018: Jewish Heroines in History and Today

December 22, 2018: When Did Tikun Olam Become a Jewish Value?

January 12, 2019: The Relationship Between Jews and Gentiles in Secular Government

February 9, 2019: Israel Global Alliances

march 16, 2019: 93 Queen Documentary


Upcoming events:

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